Best Bella Coffee Makers in 2023 [Reviewed]

Bella Coffee Makers are made and sold by BELLA Housewares, a company whose main goal is to make the kitchen fun. They give it their all with machines in fun colors and top it off with a healthy dash of environmental responsibility, which, in our humble opinion, is always fun and exciting.

BELLA Housewares designs their machines with longevity in mind and use product coatings free of environmentally harmful chemicals so your conscience can rest a bit easier when purchasing one of these beauts. 

What is a Bella Coffee Maker?

BELLA Coffee Makers come in all shapes and sizes, from single-serve to a full 12-cup pot. You can find them at a number of retailers, including Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more—or you can order it from the comfort of your own home and take delivery right at your front door.

Whatever fills your coffee mug just the way you like! 

Best Bella Coffee Maker - Reviewed

As we said, there are a number of options to choose from, but truly only you can determine which one fits best in your kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular, well-liked models in the BELLA Coffee Makers lineup!

BELLA 14436 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

Compact and quirky describe the One Scoop, One Cup Coffee Maker pretty well. One of the first things you’ll notice about the space-saver is the funky array of colors you can get it in—I mean, how does one choose between electric green, fire engine red, plum purple, and black with stainless steel?

They’re all winners.

Whichever color you eventually decide upon to grace your kitchen, this machine will remind you just how nice simplicity is at the crack of dawn. The removable, reusable filter is dishwasher safe and the machine works exactly as the name says—add a scoop of grinds and get one cup of coffee in return. The water tank holds up to 14 oz., so just pour in exactly as much water as you want coffee and boom—you’ll have a delicious cup of joe in no time with just the flip of exactly one switch. Seriously.

The drip tray is adjustable, too, so you can just as easily slip in a stay-at-home mug or a taller travel mug, depending on what kind of day it is. 

BELLA (14587) Dual Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker Black

Considered one of the space-saver models, Bella’s Dual Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker may be slim and compact, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t packing a serious punch of functionality. It can brew three different cup sizes, 6-ounce, 10-ounce, and 15-ounce, which is great for all three times of day: morning on-the-go (15), mid-morning pick-me-up (10), and early afternoon gotta-keep-going (6).

This BELLA beaut is compatible with k-cups, but it also comes with a reusable filter that will not only reduce consumption waste, but it’ll also keep some money in your wallet. Easy to clean and featuring dishwasher-safe reusable filters, it’s a good option for no-fuss coffee drinkers. 

BELLA (14755) 12 Coffee Maker with Brew Strength Selector & Single Cup Feature

If you’re looking for a bit more caffeinated output with a dash of programmability, this 12-cup coffee maker will be right up your alley. Whether it’s a one cup of coffee kind of day or a 12 cupper, this BELLA machine can handle your request using the LCD screen on the front.

That same screen allows you to program the machine to start up anytime within the following 24 hours so that you can literally wake up to the amazing aroma of coffee brewing—way better than the electronic screeching of a morning alarm.

Like the single-serve models, this 12-cup coffee maker is compact and also uses a dishwasher-safe, reusable coffee filter so you never have to fuss with those soggy paper monstrosities again. It also features a special cleaning cycle (which you should utilize about once a month) to do two great things: optimize coffee flavor and increase the longevity of the machine! A killer combo, right there.

BELLA Classics 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

If you like having the option of controlling your brew strength, this BELLA coffee maker tacks on just the feature you want—bold brew. Program your extra-strength caffeinated java to begin percolating up to 24 hours in advance and feel safe knowing that the burner auto-shuts off after 2 hours. On top of that, the burner is stain-resistant and non-stick for easy cleaning.

Speaking of easy, this 12-cup BELLA model has a Pause-and-Serve feature so you can sneak a cup anywhere in the brew cycle. When the carafe has been replaced fully, it will automatically begin dripping again. The reusable filter saves your wallet as well as the environment, and it’s dishwasher safe!

BELLA 13839 Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The BELLA Dots Collection definitely makes a heavy contribution to the fun and fresh style of this brand. Available in a rainbow of vibrant colors, there’s a version to brighten up any and every kitchen. The unique beveled sides are where the “Dots” Collection gets its name, and the design is topped off with a nifty ergonomic handle.

Like the entire line of BELLA Coffee Makers, the Dots Collection also features a reusable filter fit for the dishwasher, and like the previous 12-cup models, it can make up to 12 cups but this time in a variety of gourmet brew strengths. Use the pause and serve feature to snag a cup before it’s done percolating or watch the timer count down the seconds left in the brew cycle. Then leave the burner be since it shuts off automatically in two hours, which is always a weight off the ol’ stress pile. 

BELLA (13683) Personal Espresso Maker with Built-in Steam Wand

Finding an espresso machine at an affordable price can be challenging if you don’t have the insider scoop. Lucky for you, you now know that BELLA makes a surprisingly affordable personal espresso machine that doesn’t skimp on the features.

Using 5 bars of pressure, this BELLA beauty dispenses between 1-4 cups-worth of espresso into an easy-pour glass decanter. This machine doesn’t just stop there, though, leaving you with espresso and nothing to do with it.

Now, you can always drink it straight out of an adorable demitasse, a very common mode of consumption in Europe. Here in the land of the severely exhausted due to the 0 required vacation days per year, 0 required days of maternity leave, and 0 workers protections if we decide to strike in protest of all of these things we don’t get, we need a tad bit more than an ounce of java.

The BELLA Personal Espresso Maker has a built-in steam milk frother/steam wand and that means your morning latte or cappuccino is less than 20 steps away from your bed. I mean, maybe you stopped to use the facilities beforehand, I don’t know, but the fact is, you don’t have to change into the acceptable-for-public sweatpants to get coffee! Yay! 

How to Use a BELLA Coffee Maker

One of the nicest aspects of BELLA coffee machines is that they’re pretty straightforward. At their most compact, they have one simple button, one that looks almost industrial, while the more programmable machines have well-labeled buttons and LCD screens.

How to Clean a BELLA Coffee Maker

We recommend descaling (cleaning) your machine once per month. Like every coffee machine out there, calcium builds up in the lines and crannies of coffee machines. Also, like most manufacturers, BELLA Housewares recommends using a combination of bleach and water to flush the buildup out.

For the 12-cup models, you’ll want to fill the water reservoir with 6 cups of white vinegar and 4 cups of water. Make sure the carafe is under the spout and hold the KEEP WARM button until the LCD screen flashes with the word CLEAN.

When it’s done, the unit will beep. Discard all of the water/vinegar solution and make sure to run the machine 2-3 times with just fresh water to flush out any leftover vinegar taste.

For the single-serve machines, you’ll follow a similar pattern, but fill the water reservoir half with water and half with vinegar. Run it until the reservoir’s empty and then run with just clean, fresh water 2-3 times, the same as with larger models. 

Bella Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

My coffee is dripping out super slowly. What should I do?

The most likely culprit of a slow brew is buildup — clean out the machine. If you’re using K-pods in a single-serve machine, make sure to thoroughly flush out the filter area.

How do I set the clock on programmable models?

It’s easy! Press the Hour button to reach the right number, hold it to scroll through hours quickly. Do the same thing with the minutes. Press the Program button to confirm the time.

How do I set the brew strength?

Tap the Strength button once for regular brew and twice for strong brew. On models with the available option, tap the button three times for gourmet brew and four times to brew 1-4 cups.

Where is the Pause and Serve button?

There’s no Pause and Serve button, per se. It just sort of happens, much the same as magic or viral content. Simply remove the carafe from the burner after roughly two cups have been brewed and the machine will automatically stop dripping. When you return it, it’ll begin dripping again.

Like I said, magic.


BELLA Coffee Machines are affordable, largely compact coffee makers with an added dash of funk to suit any kitchen, no matter what style it’s rocking. Whether you want a single-serve for constantly fresh java all day long, or need something that provides a bit more quantity, BELLA Housewares has a model for you.

If you ask me, those jazzy machines in electric green or fire engine red will add some serious cheer to any and every morning—even Mondays, yes. 

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